A major benefit of CDL Mentors of Baton Rouge Truck Driving School is that we offer financial assistance if needed, for those who qualify. If qualified for assistance, you will receive around 80-100% of financial assistance for your tuition dependent on which finance company helps you with a tuition loan. In addition to financing options, we work with numerous trucking companies who offer tuition reimbursement programs and more!

Trucking Company Visits

CDL Mentors of Baton Rouge Truck Driving School has frequent on-site visits from trucking companies and their Driver Recruiters. Each of these Recruiters meets with students during their training and provide information about what their company offers when it comes to pay rates and bonuses, opportunities and driving options available to you, the schedules and home time, the benefits and other perks!

Up to 100% Tuition Reimbursement!

If qualified for training, you may receive around 80-100% tuition reimbursement for your tuition dependent on which company you chose to work with after graduation. This means on top of your regular paycheck, a separate check between $100 – $250 per month will be sent to your lender to help with your tuition.

Career Services Available

Job Placement Assistance is available through the CDL Mentors of Baton Rouge Truck Driving School’s Career Services. Job Placement assistance is a resource given to graduates for the length of their career at no additional charge as long as CDL Mentors of Baton Rouge Truck Driving School is in operation. With the help of our friendly industry experts, trainees learn the process of submitting an application to a carrier. Career Services staff help students through the applications process and see that trainees earning their CDL are given a choice of top-name carriers to apply to.

Get Pre-Hired During Training

Training Recruiters from top trucking carriers will visit the school and present what career packages that they have to offer.

Each carrier is a little different and offers different advantages depending on your needs. That is what makes private “Pick Your Employer” CDL training so attractive!

Top Carriers Looking to Hire You

CDL Mentors of Baton Rouge Truck Driving School works with the top truck-driving carriers in the country so that you have only the best employers to work for. Werner, Covenant, Stevens and all the big trucking carriers all hire CDL Mentors of Baton Rouge Truck Driving School graduates even while they are still in school!

L-R: Gov. John Bel Edwards Honored Herman Marigny III, Owner of CDL Mentors Truck Driving School for being selected by Cheniere Energy Inc to receive The Louisiana Economic Development Award as a Protégé in the Mentors Protégé Recognition Program

Truck Driver Career Benefits

  • Starting Pay Averaging Up To $45,000 Per Year – First year Truck Drivers average up to $45,000 their first year.* That means you can expect to make up to $850 weekly or $1700 bi-weekly as a Class A CDL Licensed Truck Driver!
  • Job Security – Truck Driver jobs can’t be outsourced. Truck Drivers are responsible for dispersing America’s goods and necessities across the states, and are needed throughout the nation. The ATA estimates a shortage of nearly 48,000 Truck Drivers, and the demand is expected to continue rising throughout the decade.
  • Medical, Dental and Life Insurance– Medical and Dental Insurance are common perks in the truck driving industry.
    401k Retirement Savings Plan – Earn money for retirement as you navigate the highway!
  • Paid Vacation and Sick Time – Professional Truck Drivers need vacation time to unwind from work and sick time to recover from illnesses.
  • Take your pet with you on the road! – If leaving your pet at home during runs isn’t an option, consider taking them on your trips! Certain carriers allow Truck Drivers to bring their pets as travel buddies.

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Cdlmentorsbr does not offer so-called “free” or “company-sponsored” CDL training. There are schools and carriers that advertise this training at no cost to the student. However, those programs require you to sign a contract allowing them to deduct fees from your paycheck in addition to agreeing to work for them for approximately 1 or 2 years. Read more about The Truth Behind Free CDL Training” here.



Truck Driver Pay & Benefits

It’s one of the most important questions to ask when considering a new career. Money, after all, is what pays the bills and keeps life trucking along. Luckily for drivers, with an annual salary of up to $45,000 in your first year, the current shortage means more opportunities to make money in the Professional Truck Driving Industry.


While benefits can be hard to translate into an exact dollar figure, they can be of great value to drivers. Before deciding on a carrier, you can determine if their benefits fit your preferred type of lifestyle. Benefits in trucking can include:

  • Paid vacation
  • Paid sick time
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Job security
  • 401k retirement plans and more

Partner Up to Make Even More Money

It’s pretty much what it sounds like. A truck driver and another truck driver agree to sign on with a carrier as a team to make runs together. Team Driving is all about keeping the truck in constant motion and the goods moving. When there are two drivers in a truck, one can take the wheel while the other relaxes or does whatever they do in their off-time. This keeps the freight moving along the highways and productivity at a high level.

Solo truck drivers are required to stop and take time off to sleep before they can resume work. Team driving solves that issue, and the reward is that both drivers are paid for the combined mileage. The carrier wage is applied to the total mileage driven between the truck drivers, and is split between both drivers.


In addition to regular pay, you may also be able to make money through various bonuses as a Class A CDL trained truck driver. Each carrier company is different, but most offer bonuses like:

  • Type of Driving/Specific Carrier – Professional Truck Driving isn’t limited to one style of job. Positions like Team Driving, Dedicated, or Specialized Hauling (such as flatbed, refrigerated, and hazmat) are valued differently by each carrier based on current needs. The same type of position varies in pay rate from carrier to carrier.
  • Monthly mileage – Some carriers pay extra to drivers who hit company thresholds for miles. Earn money for driving the longer distances and earn extra pay just because you drove them with your company!


All of CDL Mentors of Baton Rouge Truck Driving School’s nationwide locations follow strict training and safety guidelines. You will need to complete 160 training hours in order to qualify for your Class A CDL license. Here is a look at the training that you will receive during that time at CDL Mentors of Baton Rouge Truck Driving School.

Classroom Training

You will train on the following areas in the classroom during the beginning portion of your training

  • Pre-trip Truck Familiarization
  • Basic Vehicle Controls and Safety
  • Visual Search, Lane Changes, Communicating, Speed Management & Space Management
  • Hazard Awareness, Driving in Various Conditions, Railroad Crossings, Driving Emergencies, Antilock Braking System, Skid Control and Recovery, and Accident Procedures
  • Transporting Cargo
  • Combination Vehicle Safety and Accident Avoidance
  • Hours of Service, Logging & Trip Planning
  • Pre-trip Inspection
  • Straightline Backing
  • Practice Tests for CDL License Exam

Driving Training

After classroom preparation you will climb in to the cab of a semi-truck to be taught the following:

  • Visual Pre-Trip Inspection
  • Straightline Backing
  • Trailer Backing Skills for multiple scenarios
  • Basic operation of an automatic transmission truck.
  • Drop and Hook Procedure for Trailers
  • On the road driving in real word conditions.

Training After School

Just because you graduate CDL Mentors of Baton Rouge Truck Driving School and get your Class A CDL License that does not mean that your training is over. The employer that you go to work for will likely put you through additional advanced training and assign you a driver trainer to ride with you on the road until you both feel fully comfortable that you are ready to drive solo.CDL mentors of baton rouge truck driving school’s job is to help you learn to drive a truck and get your Class A CDL License, but for professional truck drivers the training never ends!

What our customer say

They helped me start a career as a single mother to help me better my life for my Child.

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I was able to better my life for my family and land a great job thanks to CDL Mentors!

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If you listen and study, you can ace the test like I did. Just keep a positive attitude and believe in yourself.

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